Partner levels

Our partners are segmented to five different categories of partnership: Hosting, Implementation, Reselling, Support and Training. 

CRM-service Hosting partner provides the CRM-service cloud services to end customers. All CRM-service data and applications are located on Hosting partners' secure datacenters, and the Hosting partner is responsible for running and maintaining these services.

After completing our comprehensive certification program the Implementation partner is thoroughly familiar with the ideal way to implement the CRM-service to the end customer.

Authorized Reselling partners are capable to market and sell CRM-service or a part of our product line as a component of their geographic, vertical, or application-specific solutions and service offerings.

The Authorized Support and Maintenance partner provides its end-user customers the first-line support services and CRM-service provides to the Support and Maintenance partner second-line support services.

Authorized Training partnership allows you to offer CRM-service product-training to end customers. It is a partnership that allows you to include training into a full value-added service offering.