Recent Hot Tips

Tip - E-invoicing

E-invoicing optimizes the invoice handeling and decreases the mailing cost. The e-invoice traffic is comparable faster to the regular invoicing methods. There are several different ways to send out invoices; genuine e-invoice, as an e-mail or via printing service. CRM-service customers will get easily the e-invoicing, working in the system without any contracts with third parties. E-invoicing benefits both; the sender and the receiver.

Tip - How to succeed with your CRM -project

Timo Hyvönen is JM Tieto’s managing consult. He has over 18 years of experience implementing, carrying out and starting up CRM as well as information systems projects. We asked Timo Hyvönen to list the three most important factors that should be noticed when starting up CRM project.


Tip - Better e-mail campaigns!

Get the most out of the Contact Portal (v2)!

Make your e-mail marketing to be effective and reader-friendly. Taking little time to get to know the new Contact Portal you will be able to achieve new level of e-mail marketing!

Tip - Convert Word & PowerPoint templates to PDF

You can easily convert existing Word and PowerPoint templates to PDF by using module tools. This makes it easy to create exquisite PDF documents including your company's wanted layout and CRM tags.

Tip - Creating an online survey

You can easily create an online survey to get response to the questions you want. Whether the need is to gather customer feedback, make a survey from HR point of view to your employees or any other kind of “questions and answers” form. Multiple choices, open answers, it does not matter because you choose the mode which best suits your need.

Tip - Opportunity management

CRM-service provides tools to manage sales Opportunities. Opportunity module can be used to handle all sales pipeline phases or phases can be split to different modules in CRM-service.

You can drive whole sales pipe (Lead Generation) process inside Opportunity module or split it to two phases (Lead module and Potential module).

Tip - Customizing Page Layouts

Layout Editor gives you tools to configure the layout of different modules. You can easily add blocks and custom fields and modify the order of fields and blocks. You can also enable dynamic form actions. With CSS -code you can also modofy the coloring, font type and size. 

Tip - CSV data import

The CSV import allows you to import basic data rapidly to CRM-service. You can store and use templates including rules and field mappings to automatize the import process. Importing is incredibly fast, for example you can import 50 000 Accounts from a CSV file in just 3-7 seconds.

Tip - Dynamic forms and fields

In CRM-service you can make dynamic forms and use dynamic field formulas. This allows you to use 'interactive' documents to serve different business needs. For example to collect win-lost analysis information in sales pipe etc.

Tip - Using Menu Bar editor

You can easily modify Menu Bar structure fit to your needs. Menu Bar structure can be user profile based, so that each user group will have own menu structure and even terminology used in menus.

Tip - Leads to Sales Pipeline

In CRM-service you can use potential or case module to handle your lead generation and sales pipe processes. Use e.g. customer category, business areas, offer areas, products and other segmentation data combined with sales pipe entities. Get best performance out from your sales process and make correct marketing and sales targeting decisions and actions.

Tip - Custom workflows

Set CRM-service to work according to your sales, marketing and production processes. Create custom workflows, your own layouts and use these in the modules you want to. Minimize your organizations' extra work and make CRM easy and likable to use.

Tip - Mobile client

CRM-service can be used by different PC, mobile and tablet web browsers. There is also a set of functionalities optimized to smaller screen smart phones like iPhone, Windows Phone and Android phones. The chosen mobile technology is HTML5 so the Mobile Client will work on all new mobile platforms.

Tip - Lead distribution

Lead refinement features and Lead Distribution Portal improves performance. It makes it easy to handle and publish leads, which are then designated to user groups and distribution channels. CRM-service provides excellent tools for lead nurturing, lead QA, lead call functions, lead distribution and qualification. Different layouts (CSS) and workflows can be used in online Lead Distribution Portal.

Tip - Forecasts and targets

You can easily set and report forecasts, budgets and targets. For example you can have a custom view where you can see out come by month figures budgeted, own forecast, target and actual billing. You can also determine when the rolling forecast is locked on monthly basis. Account manager can make a rolling forecast, which' estimate will sharpen whole the time.

Tip - Segmentation tools

Use CRM-services target group tool to segment and determine group across all information in CRM system. You can combine different modules inside CRM e.g. use questionnaire information combined with web page visits and contacts.

Tip - Quick Search

CRM-service provides quick search functionalities that allow searching from all CRM modules and fields. Quick search can be used under each module so that the search will target the selected module. Quick search can also be used globally so that it will search for results from all CRM fields over module borders.

Tip - Shared calendars

CRM-service provides several different kinds of calendar views. Use activity, team, group and agenda calendars straight from your dashboard. Use color coded activity types and statuses in calendar views.

Tip - Outlook integration

Use CRM-service Outlook plugin to automate synchronization between CRM and Outlook. You can synchronize e-mails, attachments, tasks and appointments. The plugin also allows you to use CRM fields in Outlook for example to make e-mail categorizations.


Tip - Language translations

CRM-service provides language and terminology translation tools for translating words and expressions used in the CRM. You can easily translate field names, menu items and popup messages.

Tip - Web Services APIs

The Web Services APIs allow integration between CRM-service and third party applications. You can have your own backend systems to communicate with CRM-service in real time. You can search, create and update CRM-service entities in different modules.